3 Essential Tips for New Small Bakery Businesses

Small at-home bakeries are blooming in number, as the mass see their endless creativity, trendy designs and of course, indulgent flavours. As Calioo hosts a community of small businesses and talented bakers, we witness how some have earned their crowns in the business, yet there are a good few that struggle to thrive. To inspire and assist more potential small bakeries to reach the former, we shared 3 essential tips for novel owners like yourselves to stick to.

Build a Smooth Order Flow System

As you transition from home baking to a profitable business, you are bound to have additional considerations – a balance in demand and supply, customer experience, ordering and delivery, to name a few.

First of all, is to sort out the demand. Since it can be unpredictable as a new business, it is always smart to start with limited orders per day or week. Not only does this drives greater interest from scarcity, but also develops a manageable workflow for yourselves, ensuring order fulfillments are not too overwhelming.

Following that, a considerable customer experience is crucial to earning word-of-mouth references, and this includes smooth ordering and delivery mechanisms, as well as an added human touch. Supposing DM to order or Google Form might be the way to start with, you might want to switch to an official website (with Shopify or Wix) or online partner (like Calioo) as you scale up. We offer a one-stop marketplace for you to connect with your potential customers, from confirming orders to arranging pick-ups and deliveries. You can always be our partner merchants in the next open market to better interact with your customers, offering greater transparency and adding a personality to the brand.

Explore Wider Offerings in Your Menu

It is certain that every baker has their secret recipes and signature menu. Yet, it is quite uncertain whether your customers will be drawn to your personal favourite. We would suggest offering a small selection of bakes but in arrays of flavours, catering for all tastes and groups. Over time, your bestsellers will unveil themselves and hence, you could expand and polish your products then.

Invest in Marketing Your Business

You may try your luck on taking a passive approach to promotion. That is if you have prior knowledge of photography, strategising social media and community management – these seem to be the basic requirements for growing your business organically. Some of the simplest, yet effective, tactics are to give our freebies (or a giveaway), introduce a limited-time drop, or even collaborate with a bigger player to earn utmost exposure. Become a vendor at Calioo to enjoy free photoshoot services and comprehensive branding and marketing support to upgrade your business.

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