3 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Presence

Instagram is flooded with note-worthy information, social-native brands and visually-appealing feeds, bombarding audiences with constant news and messages all day every day. If you are starting as a small business, it is undoubtedly more of a challenge to kick off an alluring Instagram profile, not to mention standing out and growing your follower base, and hence your Instagram presence.

Here we have picked the most crucial tips for you to note as a small-business-owner-cum-social-media-manager to widen and attract greater audiences.

Demonstrate a Personality

It is not simply about whether the brand is likable in the modern age on social media, but rather their whole package – from the birth of the brand, daily operations, beliefs, production line – basically everything. Audiences are in search of a human-like brand that hits off with their interests and lifestyle, demanding a higher level of transparency at a personal level.

Contents like behind the scenes, takeovers, Q&As, or any communicative interactions are highly appreciated and attractive. A demonstration of brand identity through grid designs feed is equally intriguing, giving them an extra reason to understand and love your independent brand.

Build Relationships, Not Just Followers

There is no denying that your follower numbers mark a milestone, or even dictate your value on social media. Yet we cannot debate that engagement is important, perhaps even more so than your followers. Building lasting relationships with your followers can only result in stronger and more solid growth as you acquire greater support from each of them, whilst follower counts are merely numbers. If none actually care about or feel affectionate about the brand, they will easily get distracted, and eventually, unfollow.

Calioo is a good place to start with. As a platform that connects artisan food brands to high-demand consumers, it is definitely growing tremendously over the past years. Our online community and food markets held regularly across locations, are the perfect chance to put a face to the name of your brand, form genuine connections and hence, explore potential opportunities and gain genuine followers.

Stay Active and Consistent

Last but certainly not least, being active and consistent might top the list of tips we are looking to offer. Brands that have last posted since 2019, simply post whenever they felt like it, or other unplanned or not properly strategised accounts might have potential success, due to their

creativity, but they are most likely not living up to the hype.

To archive a long-term success, it does only involves setting up a content calendar, but also monitoring posts and ads performance, and optimising posting hours and dates for the best results, these are all regular events that you should take note of.

If you wish to acquire regular tips for upgrading your home business, stay tuned for our latest blogs every Tuesday. We are here to grow collectively and spread your culinary creativity and passion to all of Hong Kong.

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