Best Cakes to Order for All Mums This Mothers’ Day

With less than a week to go before Mother’s Day, we hope you have already picked the best gifts to surprise your super mum. If not, now is your chance to indulge her. Whether she’s a discerning diner, health-conscious eater, or vegan foodie, we’ve rounded up the best cakes in town handcrafted by artisanal bakers. Read on and reveal the exclusive discount.

For the mum with a delicate French taste: Spoon Me

If there’s something Spoon Me inherited from the French, is the refined presentation and absolute precision, and of course, the irresistible lusciousness in their bakes. The self-taught pastry chef diligently elevates the globally-sourced ingredients with her fine artisanship – the result is an alluring collection of pastries that looks almost too perfect to eat.

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For the mum who loves a bouquet: Mojiva

As its name suggests, Mojiva assembled the two cult-favorite elements in their signature crepe cakes – melting lava and springy mochi. Adding to their already sumptuous 2-tier roll cake, they have teamed up with HK Florist to include a blooming clove pink bouquet in their special Mother’s Day bundle.

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For the vegan mum: Bake To Basic

Thanks to the talented chef from Bake To Basic, even your vegan mum can delight in a myriad of truly delectable flavors, spanning chocolate chip, banana, strawberry and cream, and much more. Not only is their meticulous formula known for pleasing the plant-based crowd, but also those who are cautious of allergies with dairy-free, egg-free and optional gluten-free recipes – which all vegan mums would blissfully approve.

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For ube-loving mum: Purple Flour

Ube might not be for everyone, but those who are into it, will instantly be drawn to Purple Flour’s scrumptious bakes. Their Ube Short Cake is covered in all elegant shades of purple, outlined with a light-hued whipped cream, then alternating dark and mild twisting cream atop – minimal yet perfectly appealing.

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For the mum dreaming to conquer the galaxy: Guge Cakery

Guge Cakery specializes in artful mirror glaze cakes with a sponge base mousse stop. Take a glance at Chef J’s curations and you’ll be amazed by her great finesse and creativity – much like painting on a canvas. You can also get wild with your imagination and request your own custom design (if you would bear a defeat in the challenge).

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