Father’s Day Present: The Complete Guide

Father’s Day is coming! Have you bought the present for your dad? If not, don’t worry! Calioo is here to give you some ideas. We’ve concluded the most popular items that every dad must love and be happy with. Scroll down and check it out!

Far Yeast Brewing

Do you miss traveling to Japan? With Far Yeast Brewing, the aroma of Tokyo is now at your home! Their beers are inspired by Tokyo. Its rich and sophisticated scent, along with its dynamic and evolving flavor, will undoubtedly bring your dad a memorable Tokyo trip.

Fei1 Ci1

Most dads start their day with coffee. If your dad is one of those, Fei1 Ci1’s coffee must be a good choice for you. Their signature product is cold brew coffee, which is gaining popularity among coffee lovers. Besides selling cold brew coffee, they also provide ice drip coffee and lazy coffee drip bags. There must be one that suits him.

Whiskey Snug

“Whiskey is liquid sunshine.” After the whole day's work, a shot of whiskey can probably relieve some of your dad’s stress and pressure. Whiskey Snug was started by a semi-professional drinker and whiskey enthusiast. They sell American bourbon whiskey, traditional Japanese whiskey, and quintessential Scotch whiskey. Not sure which is your dad’s favorite? Just get them a tasting box set!

Timing Sauce

Sometimes, focusing on cooking and having delicious meals are the joys of life. Understanding that not every father has enough time to cook after work, Timing Sauce is here to help! Not only shorten the cooking time but also guarantee the taste. Their signature product, Chicken Chilli Sauce, was made with over 20 ingredients. You can serve it with chicken or different appetizers.


Wine is good, with croquettes… is better! Croquette is a typical Spanish tapa that is usually paired with wine. Christina Comenge, the chef of Lalola, has studied in Paris and worked for several restaurants, and she decided to open her own one, Oven 180, in Madrid. The signature product of Oven 180: Croquette is now in Hong Kong! They provided ten flavors like Iberico Ham, Spinach and Black truffle; there must be one that can satisfy your dad.

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