How to Take Better Food Photography for Your Food Business?

Updated: Jun 9

If there is one most important thing that draws customers to your online small food business rather than their neighborhood chains, it is food photography. Let us enlighten you – when was the last time you added a restaurant to a wishlist after visiting their physical store? And when was the last time you were allured by the mouth-watering images on their Instagram and decided that’s your next go-to? We would happily bet on the latter.

Food photography is a vital part of visual merchandising. It is your first touchpoint with potential customers, where emotions are initiated, and where the first decisions are made. Here we have gathered these beginner-friendly food photography tips for your small business.

1. Test Out Different Angles

Depending on the dish or item you are presenting, there are three angles that we use the most in professional food photography – overhead, three-quarters, and straight-on.




The overhead angle works best to show your full menu covering ranges of food and beverages, and props (most common ingredients from your plates) if you want to step up. It also works well if you wish to emphasize the tantalizing spread of ingredients. For example, waffles topped with fruits, ham and cheese platter, or poke and salad bowls with various ingredients. For a more professional look, lay them on a textured background or table cloth that tells your business’s stories.

The three-quarters might seems slightly complex, but a good way to start is at 45 degrees of the food then gradually move around as you shoot. This is best when it comes to dishes with bountiful fillings on a plate, or deep in a bowl. Yet, composition plays a huge part in this angle to keep your shots looking like an amateur – read along and we’ll tell the secrets.

The straight-on is rather straightforward – simply level your camera to the dish to shoot the side profile. This angle works best for highlighting the side profile of the dish, especially on burgers, cakes, or pancakes alike.

2. Focus On The Composition

The composition is essentially your structure or formation of the picture. The rule of thumb – and the simplest – is the rule of thirds. It might seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually multiple compositions you can derive from the rule – center to draw attention, align on the one-third line, diagonals, bottom-left, and top-right, and many more.

3. Have Calioo Do It for You

This is just one of the perks of becoming a merchant at Calioo among many. We provide free photography service along with branding, sales, and other support. Our professional photographer can have your listing items and store image taken before we introduce your own eatery or bakery to the crowd. Have a look at the result from our merchants in our app (available on App store and Playstore) and join us today.

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