The Most Popular Food Ideas to Make and Sell in 2022

Are you planning to develop your own food brand? Frustrating about the food that you sell? A correct direction is essential for a business, especially for a start-up. If you are worried about it, this blog might provide you with some inspiration to help! Don’t let this hinder your success.

Baby Food

Baby’s health is always the biggest concern of every parent. With the rise in the popularity of organic food products, the demand for baby food with quality assurance is skyrocketing. According to Allied Market Research, the baby food market was worth $8.71 billion in 2020, and by 2031, it is expected to be worth $34.81 billion, revealing its enormous potential. Since the baby’s digestive system is not yet fully developed, indigestible or strong flavoured foods are not suitable for babies, like purée vegetables and meats or unsweetened yoghurt. Material selections and sources should be more cautious.

Sauce and Condiment

During the pandemic, people choose to cook at home for most of the time. For the beginner cooks, sauce and condiments can help to save their “delicious” food. A sauce is always the essence of a dish and a household staple. Despite there is a variety of sauce choices in the market such as chilli sauce, Chinese marinade and Chinese barbecue sauce, customers are still thirsty for more! If you have a good idea in this section, you can be guaranteed to have a large base of potential customers.


Bagel is currently a booming trend in Hong Kong. Either Taiwanese Bagel filled with massive ingredients or the New York Bagel served with cream cheese, they are both popular and have a large group of lovers. They can be served as a breakfast or afternoon tea. One thing to note is that Bagel has a limited shelf life. Therefore, it can’t be made far earlier than the delivery time.

Ready-to-cook or Ready-to-eat Meal Pack

Hongkongers are always busy with work, not to mention having time for cooking. Meanwhile, meal packs are essential for urbanites to grab a quick meal! It guarantees the flavour and shortens the preparation time. However, as the food is not served immediately, proper packaging and delivery system is crucial for the business to monitor.

If you are not interested in the above sectors or have had your own already but still want to get more ideas? No worries, just remember the following rules:

· Health-conscious

· Organic

· Convenient

· Customizable

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