Who Made Your Food: 2Bites

Updated: Jul 19

Talking about cinnamon rolls, famous brands like Baked and Cinnabon is the first that comes to mind. But why not try something different? We are now recommending 2Bites founded by Coco and Zero to you all.

After graduating from the university, Coco started her food journey on Instagram. Everyone who has tried Coco's cinnamon rolls has been amazed and Zero is one of them. They decided to work together and operate their own shop in Pok Fu Lam. Their products are creating a buzz and nearly a thousand cinnamon rolls are sold monthly.

Majority of the baking industries, like bagel and roll cakes, were saturated in the Hong Kong market. However, Coco believes that making cinnamon rolls still has enormous potential to grow along. She hopes to enhance the industry standard by persisting to use high-quality and healthy materials to provide customers with the best. Importing ingredients such as eggs and flour from Japan, and butter from New Zealand, she takes good care of every detail for each recipe.

“I love cooking so much. When I was young, the kitchen was my playground.”

Their signature product is Classic Cinnamon Roll with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Sauce. To lower the sweetness of the Cinnamon Roll, Coco invented her own Brown Sugar Cinnamon Sauce recipe. For instance, use brown sugar to replace white sugar to make the roll more healthy to eat.

“Our brand philosophy is using organic and non-additive materials.”

The most popular product is Rum Raisin Cinnamon Roll. Filled with raisins and their self-infused raisin syrup, it harmonizes the flavours in one. With the sauce syringe, it elevates the moist texture with a double cinnamon aroma.

“Baking brings many surprises, and we don't know the result until the last moment.”

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