Homemade Veggies 親手 ‧ 素造 - Vegan Satay Sauce

Homemade Veggies 親手 ‧ 素造 - Vegan Satay Sauce

200 Grams

Homemade Veggies is a Hong Kong base vegan no 'five spices' pre package food brand specializing vegan condiment, Chinese festival food and private dinner.

  • Product Information

    Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, King Oyster Mushroom, Ginger, Peanut, Coconut, Soy Bean Powder, Palm Sugar, Wheat Germ, White Sesame, Palm Powder, Cinnamon, Anise, Coriander Seeds, Sichuan Peppercorn, Cumin, Sea Salt

    Homemade satay suace without any additive. Using Plum powder and spices to pump up the fragrance of the sauce. Suitable for marinade or cooking dishes.