Lify Wellness - Sparkling Tea Tonics

Lify Wellness - Sparkling Tea Tonics

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330 Milliliters

‘Lify’ stands for ‘live healthy, be happy’. Founded in 2017, Lify Wellness, an award-winning Hong Kong wellness technology startup, was co-created by two Hong Kong sisters, Connie and Mazing Lee who have years of experience in design and innovation disciplines. They most recently won the Gold Award of the HKICT Smart Living Award 2020 and German Design Awards 2020. 

The goal was to increase awareness around balanced living and use their newly launched beverages to make a healthier lifestyle more accessible. Through each of their personal experiences, they aimed to share our motivations for building Lify Wellness to provide a daily dose of wellness as a delicious alternative, keeping customers centred and balanced. All formulations are backed by science with the advice of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and certified herbal scientists.


Signature Dishes
Known for our compostable herbal discs, Lify’s Smart Herbal Brewer machine dispenses doses of these discs of wellness within 40 seconds, complemented by the Lify Wellness app that incorporates a health quiz and drink recommendations depending on each individual’s body conditions and wellness needs. Apart from the Lify Smart Herbal Brewer, we have herbal discs that come in 17 different blends as well as our Sparkling Tea Tonics. 

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    Your daily dose of wellness with super herbs, collagen, CBD & more