Explicit Spices 香料案內所 - Chilli Oil

Explicit Spices 香料案內所 - Chilli Oil


Explicit Spices' signature item includes chili oil in 3 spicy levels. A full jar of sakura shrimp with chili oil, and the extra hot version is extremely hot!

  • Product Information

    To level up, the capsicol has three different types of capsium annum in the range between 100,000- 250,000 that release a toasted nutty flavour. In these three spicy sauces, Normal Spicy share the balanced between the spicy, heat, and rich sergestid shrimp flavour.

    Way of uses:

    1) Snacks e.g. Shu Mai, Dim Sum, or any Chinese Cake

    2) Simple meal e.g. serve with noodles

    話明正常辣,梗係畀鍾意有啲刺激感,但又唔好太 over 嘅 正常食辣愛好者啦 簡單嚟講,辣度大約係 #譚仔小辣 左右嘅辣度。

    為咗令到正常辣嘅辣度同香味,更加有層次感,呢隻 椒麻油分別用咗三款約100,000 - 250,000 辣度嘅辣椒🌶製成,分別帶出辣味同埋果實嘅香氣!

    三款辣度之中,以正常辣嘅辣度同蝦香最為平均,既有辣椒嘅刺激感嘅同時,亦有 櫻花蝦帶嚟濃郁嘅鮮味!用嚟平日食 燒賣、點心、拌麵 就最好不過啦!