Pick Me Up - Garlic Free Hummus

Pick Me Up - Garlic Free Hummus

200 Grams

My inspiration for starting pick.me.up comes from my family member who is buddhist with the hard time on preparing every day meal.  Hummus is a Middle Eastern invention made out of Chickpeas,a sweet and nutty legume that become incredibly creamy when blended yet nutrious-packed. Our Buddist-friendly Hummus is made without garlic ,however, without sacrificing an ounce of the flavor! 


Product Information
*Buddhist-Friendly (無五辛) | Gluten Free | NON GMO | Vegan | Vegetarian
- Garlic-free Hummus with 3 versions - perfect for bread spread and veggie dip


Signature Dishes
- Classic Hummus

- Hummus with Tumeric

- Hummus with Curry